In 2016 Placebo celebrated twenty years of being melancholy with their aptly named Twenty Years Tour. 

Lighting designer Jvan Morandi called on the editing and post production skills of the Hadley Brothers in order to guarantee a thrilling visual feast.

The band were particularly keen to radically rework the content from some of their best known videos and replay them on an eighteen metre screen as a backdrop to the performance.   HB's went back to the original 16mm rushes and cut spliced and recoloured the footage to produce a retina scorching visual spectacle.

The quality of the original footage for this project stands as a testament to talented 1990's film makers who shot them. 36 Degrees for example was originally directed by the legendary Chris Cunningham. Most of them were shot on super 16mm and then graded digitally.

You can watch the original video here.