IVCA Winners

There we sat surrounded by the glamorous and over dressed waiting for our number to come up and it did!

Firstly with a Gold for Best Music Category and then scooping the Grand Prix, the best film of 2014 judged from all of the entrants to the awards.

Rex (freelance musician and composer extraordinaire) and Kayvan (post production mixer and composer) from SNK, we salute you for your devotion, time and patience that you committed to the project. 

A huge thanks to Steve at Giggle Group who supported our entrance to the event and of course to the good folk at Crisis who have invited us to work with their members again to create this years offering.

The last word must surely go to Gentle, who sadly passed away last year, a kind and softly spoken man who appears in the Silent Night Film of the series. He silenced a room of one thousand party goers and for a minute reminded us that sometimes the most important voices are the ones that go unheard.