Rosin Murphy

The Irish chartreuse and anti-diva is currently touring the planet for the first time in eight years. How one combines being a mother of two with being an antidote to the torrent of pop drivel in the audio universe I don't know, but I like to think that some bold, graphic and eye titillating visuals might go some way to help.

Róisín Murphy Live at AB.mp4.Still018.jpeg

Enter the Hadley Brothers emboldened by the mighty Jvan Morandi (lighting designer) and Aaron Trinder (8 bit graphics) we edited, shot and animated like video marsupials till our eyes were big and our bellies were empty. 

A short road trip with the show, a bit of tinkering in Brussels and Ms Murphy is set to recapture her audience and show the world that long before Lady Ga Ga smart lyrics and surreal outfits can go a long way to getting you noticed. 

Róisín Murphy Live at AB.mp4.Still006.jpeg