Success at Sheffield

In yet more exciting news, Still the Enemy Within has won the prestigious Audience award at this years Sheffield Documentary Festival 2014. 

“It means a great deal to us to know that people not only enjoyed our film, but felt strongly about it enough to give us their votes, especially considering the quality of the competition. We are immensely honoured to have worked with some of the finest people I have ever met, and to have been allowed to tell their story. I just hope that more people will have the chance to be inspired by their courage through our movie, just as I have.” Owen Gower, Director 

It's both a testament to the determination of those behind the film and the emotion that it provokes, that an independently produced and entirely crowd-funded documentary could win amongst such a strong line up of films at Sheffield. 

The filmmakers are currently in talks about further distribution for the film. 


Back to The North

A stupidly busy week on two shoots: one short drama, one doc. The later was a return to lovely Yorkshire, which is never a bad thing, for what should be the last shoot for the feature documentary Still the Enemy Within.

We spent much of the time roaming the small towns between Sheffield and Leeds (where there were lots of mines once, prior to M. Thatcher) eating chips with scraps - those crispy bits to you Southerners- and dodging showers for a few extra shots.  

For our studio shoot we needed to reproduce a soft, overcast light to match an earlier interview and so I opted for the classic overhead frame wedge- always a firm favourite. The studio we hired was a little short on gear, to be polite, and so it was a bit of a challenge.

It was a return to the Canon C300, the workhorse camera on this project and nice and light after a few shoots with the Sony F55. 

The film promises to be a fascinating insight into the real lives of those who experienced the Miner's Strike first hand and will be premiered at this years Sheffield's doc fest on June 7th follow the link for more details and booking

Super soft wedge in action

Super soft wedge in action